Double Happiness Health means marriage or union in Chinese culture. For us it is also a reference to non-duality. 

Our practice is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine- we use herbs, acupuncture, cupping and dietary modifications and we also have a focus on functional medicine- a western systems-oriented approach, analyzing things like stress hormones, the sex hormones, thyroid, blood sugar regulation and the health of the gut to assess and treat conditions with our natural medicine tools. 

No two patients are alike. We believe in deeply listening to our patient so we can create conditions for healing, get to the core of the problem, provide treatment and tools that empower people to know their body in a deeper way and be able to keep themselves in balance. And it really works. So many babies coming through, pain getting resolved, digestion issues clearing up, anxiety reducing, sleep improving. It’s really fun work. 

Something that sets our practice apart is our treatment plan. Every new patient gets a customized treatment plan document that outlines our treatment goals, diagnosis, nutritional and supplement recommendations as well as exercise or mind/body tools. We find it helps clarify the process both for us as practitioner and for the patient. We also do insurance billing for many patients who have benefits. 

We think our wonderful patients and friends are the real special sauce here. Thanks for supporting us!