Sleep Positioning for Back and Shoulder Pain

Struggle to get comfortable in bed at night?  Here is one of my hot tips for sleep positioning. It keeps the spine aligned as well as taking pressure off of the shoulder and hips. My patients dealing with injury or late stage pregnancy swear this supported sidelying position has changed their life, but it's great for anyone to try. You'll need four pillows. One under the head, one under the ribs, one between knees and an optional "hug" pillow to keep your torso in position and your arms comfy.

The key is to get the torso pillow right up against the bottom shoulder, creating a sort of "groove" for the shoulder to sit in, almost weightlessly. Be sure to get a big enough pillow between the knees so that the hips stack up evenly. Alternatively, you can have one leg stretched out behind you and the top knee on a big pillow. Comfortable sleep positioning is important to promote healing and the deep sleep crucial to our nervous and immune systems. Happy snoozing!