Maitri: Radiate Loving Kindness This Holiday

Hello Friends,

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, safe and happy holiday! While some of us enjoy being surrounded by family and friends, for others the holidays can be really hard. They may remind us of loved ones we have lost or highlight health or relationship issues that are quite challenging.  For many we fall short of where we think we should be or get caught in judging those annoying people around us. 

"Maitri" is a sanskrit word meaning "unconditional friendliness towards the self which radiates out to others". It is amazing how good it feels to connect with love and compassion for ourselves and others. Here are instructions for a simple Maitri practice. Let's choose to be gentle and kind with ourselves. We can all benefit by remembering the basics of eating well, prioritizing sleep and getting a little movement to keep our healthy balance. 

Happy New Year, sugar! We cannot wait to see you in 2016 to work with you on being more kind to yourself and on optimizing your health.

Much Love,

Christine, Carissa, Rachel, Mia, Paulene, Emily, Amanda and Elizabeth