The One Minute WORK Out

1-Minute Desk Exercises That Will Revitalize Your Body

 Have you been sitting there for a while? It’s easy for many of us to forget we live in a body and not a computer for much of the workday. Long hours and deadlines can turn into headaches, neck pain, GI upset, and poor sleep quality.

 Don’t let work destroy your wellbeing.

 It only takes ONE MINUTE to effectively reconnect with your body, and revitalize your energy. Alternate these quick & simple exercises throughout your day, and your body will thank you…

 # 1  Stretch your eyeballs.

 Yes, that may sound strange, but it feels so good! Our eyes were not made to stare at a screen all day. The muscles of the eye are some of the hardest working in our body. Taking proper care of them throughout the day can prevent headaches and fatigue. Here’s what you can do…A couple times throughout the day turn off your screen and do the following exercise:

 1.     Start by moving your eyes to the upper left corner looking as far as your eye can go. Then go in the opposite direction, and look at the lower right corner. Repeat this 3 times.

2.     Switch this by looking in the distance towards the upper right corner, then the lower left. Repeat 3 times.

3.     Then move your eyes in a clockwise circle and a counter-clockwise circle one time stretching them slowly as you do this.

4.     Finish the exercise by rubbing your hands together-warming them up-and cover your eyes with the palm of your hand. Hold there for 10 seconds.

 This exercise will bring fresh Qi and blood to muscles supporting your vision.


#2  Give your ears a massage.

The ear is a microsystem of the whole body. Meaning acupuncturists can treat ailments anywhere in the body by only using the ear!

Revive your body and lower stress hormones by taking a few seconds to give yourself an ear massage. Gently use your thumb and index fingers to rub the cartilage of your ears, getting every nook and cranny (but don’t go inside!). Finish with a little tug. Ahhhh…that feels better!


#3  Take deep belly breaths.

 You’ve probably heard this self-care tip before, but are you doing it? Set an alarm on your phone every hour to check in with yourself. Adjust your body and see if there is tension anywhere. Then allow yourself to release it. Finish by taking three deep, full breathes into the lower abdomen, filling the belly, and let your exhales be long and smooth.