Year of the Fire Monkey

Happy New Year, friends! We are shifting into a very new kind of energy- from watery yin into fire-y yang. This means we can each go from a quiet cultivation of our energy into to more active forms of expression.  Enjoy your playful side, and aim to realize your dreams!  As always, we are in a dynamic balance. Be sure to take good care of yourself as you venture forth! tells us what to expect:

"On February 8, 2016 we will shift out of the year of the nurturing Yin Wood Sheep and into the year of the passionate Yang Fire Monkey.

As the name suggests, the year of the Yang Fire Monkey is all about having fun, taking risks, being proactive and going after what you truly desire.

Yang energy is action based energy, so 2016 will really favour making bold decisions, getting ahead and staying assertive."

We can't wait to hear what you are up to and how we can support your wellness. Hope to see you soon at Double Happiness Health.