My Podcast Interview! And Notes on Autumn

Hello Friends,

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by #girlboss Katina Mountanos, creator of the podcast Challenging the Collective as well as her website On Adulting. We talked about my path to becoming an acupuncturist, how to know when to take leaps in life and the intersection of Chinese Medicine and functional medicine. Listen on iTunes here or on the website here.

Oh and speaking of leaps, it’s that time already.
Happy Autumn!! It is a season of transformation, witnessed by the changing colors in foliage, weather and a decided dryness everywhere. Chinese Medicine theory describes autumn as related to lungs and large intestine and the emotions of sadness as well as that of courage. Many of our patients have been more stressed than ever lately. Acupuncture shines in it's ability to support our nervous system- moving us out of "fight or flight" mode and into "rest and digest" mode. Find our more about how Chinese medicine works and how I came to the field of acupuncture in this podcast interview by Challenging the Collective.  Consider coming in for an acupuncture support to help you adapt to the seasonal change and feel your best. Book online here or give us a call at 415-255-2252.