Happy Chinese New Year: Welcome Earth Pig!

February 5th marks a new year in Chinese astrology and welcomes the last animal of a 12 year cycle; the gentle earth Pig. Whether or not you subscribe to astrology, it can be fun to look at the centuries old art for its wisdom and insight. According to the experts, we can wave goodbye to a couple of intense years with the border-watching dog and coop-stalking fire rooster. The pig is associated with being welcoming and friendly, and has buddies of all varieties. Despite a rep for being dull witted, scientists now know pigs have complex communication and social skills much like primates. Hopefully, this year we can find some common ground with our neighbors and enjoy friends from all around the barnyard.

Also known to be filthy, the truth is that pigs are quite clean animals, however they roll around in the mud to cool off. In the year ahead, we might actually find ourselves making our live and work spaces more neat. No coincidence that organizing expert Marie Kondo is taking the world by storm with her Netflix series “Tidying Up”. Check it out!

The pig has its lazy days and is known for overindulgence. This year (and let’s be honest, we suggest this EVERY year) it’s advised we pay attention to diet, mind our alcohol consumption and keep up moderate exercise like hiking and swimming. Sleep should be honored and protected as an important time to renew and restore (read our blog on sleep here) . Because owning pigs has brought abundance to families historically, the pig year is thought to be lucky. The pig brings slow steady financial gains through a solid work ethic, will power and patience. While pig doesn’t mind a nice title, he’s not the most ambitious of animals. This is a year for seeking that balance of work and life. Take some time out to be with friends and enjoy the simple pleasures.

How to you find balance in your life? If you need help with your stress, finding a diet that works for you or any other aspect of health and wellness. The team at DHH is here to help. We wish you all great health, happiness and prosperity 2019! Gung Hay Fat Choy!