5 Acupressure Points to Relieve Stress

Feeling stressed? Whether it’s from the morning commute, work deadlines, relationship challenges, family dynamics, etc… You’re not alone!

Stress seems to have become a normal state in our modern lives. And as you may have noticed, stress can take a toll on our health. It can cause elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, and tense muscles, putting our nervous system in a state of “fight or flight.” Long term, chronic stress can lead to more serious conditions like insomnia, weight gain, heart disease, and digestive issues.

It becomes ever so important for us to practice stress management. In addition to regular acupuncture visits, self care, exercise, meditation practice, and getting enough sleep, try adopting acupressure into your routine. Acupressure is a healing technique based on traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture, where pressure is applied to specific acupuncture points on the body. Studies have found that pressing these points can effectively decrease stress.

Acupressure technique:

Be mindful of your breath - inhale and exhale deeply as you go through the points. Use your thumbs or fingers to apply a firm but gentle pressure, move in a small circular or up-and-down motion for about 60 seconds to 2 minutes. This practice takes no longer than 10 minutes. Once you’ve completed the points, take a final deep breath, exhale and visualize all the stress leaving your body. You’ll feel better in no time!

5 acupressure points to help soothe stress



Yin Tang : On the forehead below the third eye, between the 2 eyebrows. This point calms the spirit and can help with insomnia and anxiety, as well as help reduce headaches and nasal congestion.


GB 20

Gallbladder 20, Feng Chi : On the back of the head. Located at the base of the skull in the hollow between mastoid (ear) bone and where the neck muscles attach to the skull. This point can help relieve neck muscle tension and headaches. It’s also used at the onset of a cold.


Liver 3

Liver 3, Tai Chong : On the top of the foot, in the hollow between the junction of the 1st (big) and 2nd toes. You should feel a depression right before the joint. This point smooths your Liver Qi (releases both physical and emotion tension) to reduce stress, anger, and depression, blood pressure, pain, and menstrual cramps.



Pericardium 6, Nei Guan : On the forearm, between the two tendons that start from the wrist and run down the center of the forearm. Turn your palm up and locate the point about 3 fingers width down from the wrist. This point calms the spirit, unbinds the chest, and can help with insomnia and nausea.



Kidney 1, Yong Quan : On the sole of the foot, between the 2nd and 3rd toes. Find this point between the ball and arch of the foot. It’s actually opposite of Liver 3 on the bottom side of your foot. This point descends excess Qi from the head, calms the spirit, helps with anxiety and insomnia, and has a very grounding effect.