Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings to all of our Double Happiness Health patients!

We wish to wish you a most happy, peaceful and satisfying time this Thanksgiving. 

It has been a challenging month for many of us, and we would like to invite anyone who is dealing with stress or anxiety to support themselves with the healing benefits of acupuncture or massage.

Paulene Harrell is available for massage over Thanksgiving:

  •  Thursday (24th) 9:30am-1pm

  •  Friday (25th) 10am-5pm

  •  Sunday (27th) 4-5pm

Book online through our website or call Paulene directly to book your massage: 415-517-6248


...the rest of us will be back in the studio next week.

With appreciation from our tribe to yours,

Christine, Mia, Rachel, Pauline, Carissa and the admin team of Jillian, Diana, Jasmine and Dean.