Restore Vaginal Health

What to do about vaginal dryness

It’s not a comfortable subject for many of the patients I see, but it is a reality for over half of women going through menopause. As your body enters its“second spring”, decreased levels of estrogen cause thinning, drying and even shrinking of the tissues of the vagina. This can lead to pain or bleeding during intercourse, itching, inflammation or infection. After your body decides it’s “so over” the baby making stage of life, it draws its resources toward other life sustaining processes. Here’s how you’re not going to let that slow your mojo:

The Supplements:

Estrogen and DHEA based suppositories. Double Happiness Health carries an incredible product by Bezwecken called Hydration Cubes. These suppositories combine a winning combination of Estriol (the primary estrogen in pregnancy) and DHEA. These are made to rehydrate the tissues and rebuild the nerve fibers leading to increased pleasure and sensation. Bonus, these hormones have been shown to stay locally in the system so you don’t have to worry about secondary side effects.

Balance Spring by Evergreen Herbs is a clever blend of Chinese herbs aimed to promote the health and suppleness of the soft tissues and decrease vaginal dryness. The formula comes in capsule form, and when taken daily overtime it can reduce the occurrence of post-coital discomfort or bleeding, itching, inflammation and atrophy of the tissues. It has the added bonus of reducing other unwanted menopause related symptoms.

These are available through prescription only, so make sure you ask your DHH practitioner if it’s the right fit for you.


What you choose to eat and drink will always make a difference. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and increase the amount of nourishing foods such as yams, cucumbers, seeds, berries, beets and other root vegetables.

Avoid drying or irritating topical soaps. Use natural products that are not scented. The same thing goes for lotions or douches; it’s best to avoid those all together to reduce the risk of infection.

Lastly, as with most things, you’ve got to use it or you’ll loose it. Create regular opportunities for increased blood flow to that area either alone or with your partner. If libido is an issue, herbal medicine and acupuncture are also helpful in that area so tell your practitioner. You could also check out this tantalizing read by NYC acupuncturist Jill Blakeway.